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As an observer of all things simple and great, dark and light, serious and humorous, of the soul or of the earth, Nancy Thomas has a deep enthusiasm for the details of life. After having started her education as an Aerospace Engineering major at Syracuse University in New York, she discovered along her journey a new way to express and explore her curiosities.

Her passion for adventure and art and the desire to share a unique vision drove her to pursue her aspirations to become a professional photographer. Nancy’s photographic skills come from her diverse experience and continuous training. The study of Art Photography strengthened her understanding of composition, design and color to generate story telling images with lasting impact. With a desire to learn more and master the art, she continued on to study the technical and business aspects of photography through an intense program at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts.

Before starting her own business, Nancy used her extensive training and knowledge to obtain opportunities for real life experience by interning along side several successful photographers during the years she lived in New York. She assisted on assignments for clients such as Blockbuster, Avon and Pepsi. During these internships she also worked at the Time Life Building with Sports Illustrated working with staff and freelance photographers to submit their images and prepare the magazine layouts. Experience with commercial, fashion, portrait, event and travel photography has helped Nancy develop her diverse style. Her style comes from a strong sense of creativity coupled with the ability to artistically capture her compositions.

Using photography as her medium of choice she is dedicated to the Art of visual storytelling creating images that resonate, and reflect a heightened version of real life intended to inform, stimulate and inspire. From creating your professional image to documenting your events, she looks forward to telling your story.